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semi-overcast 42 °C

It was up early this morning - yuck! There was a huge list of things that needed to be done in town this morning but I wanted to sleep in! My legs were sore (but a good sore) from yesterday's jaunts. Excellent exercise visiting these old hilltop towns. Today is the day to buy the washing machine and fridge. We waited till today because there was a special that if you bought items on Monday, 17% was taken off the price. What I find nice here as well is that the ticketed price includes the taxes. No hidden surprises ;0)

So after breakfast we headed to town to do what needed to be done. Why did I get up so early and agree to this? Simple - I wanted to go to the beach! I have been waiting to go almost since day one and now that day has arrived. I hope to go again before I leave but one never knows. Since we were not coming back home after shopping we had to wear our suits under our clothes and bring all the beach paraphanalia with us. We could do a quick stop at a WC before hitting the beach as where we were going was known only to locals and does not have amenities there.

We could have gone to one of the many public beaches, however, they are usually very crowded and many have fees to enter. Irma knew about this local beach about one hour away and it is tiny and fairly secluded. There are very rarely tourists there unless a local brings them there (like me ;0) - yet again ... I am a citizen of this country so that makes me a local too - lol.

The day was overcast in Brdo - meaning some white fluffy clouds making their presence known. I was hoping it would be different at the beach - it was! Practically nary a cloud in sight. As with most beaches along the coast - sand is rarely found. Stones and rock slabs make up the coastline - beaches included ;0)


The view of the adriatic was stunning. The blue of the sky in contrast with the blue of the water with the silhouette of the mountain - ahhhh .... heaven. I used a different camera for the beach as this one could take pictures underwater. I did not take any this time, however, plan to if we go back again.


Both Irma and I enjoyed a packed lunch we brought with us and once replete --- off to soak our sun warmed bodies. We each took turns going in the sea so we could watch each others belongings. There were not many people at the beach, however, we did not want to take any chances on our stuff disappearing. I think I counted the most at any given time was about twelve people - not bad eh? The water was crystal clear - as far out as I went. No matter where I looked down I could see everything to the bottom - mostly rocks though ;0)


The salt water kept me afloat and after a swim it was hard to get my feet back down under the water - they kept wanting to pop up back to the surface - LOL. It was a challenge too walking on the stones of the beach and it is a very good idea to wear water shoes (which I luckily had) - otherwise sore feet would prevail ;0) Imagine the millions of years that the water tumbled these rocks into fine smooth specimens. Irma even found a small sample of green sea glass --- next time I will wander around a bit and search for some nice rocks to bring back home and maybe I too will be fortunate to stumble upon some sea glass. See how smooth these rocks are!


Irma and I stayed only a short while as she had a slight headache. She wanted to stay as she loves the water as I do. Here at the beach was perfectly sunny and scorching. In the short time we were there I really added to my tan! I was sad to leave because as a sun worshipper I could have stayed there for at least another couple of hours. I really wanted to take underwater photos because I was anxious to see this little fuji underwater camera in action. Note to self: when out shopping the next time - buy eye goggles so that when I open my eyes underwater I can see more than a fog (due to the salt). Above water looking down = no problem and with goggles I will be able to see clearly underwater as well.

Now Brdo is only an hour away and although nice and hot and sunny at the beach, it was cloudy and overcast by the time we arrived home. We had filled up a couple of bottles of water with sea water so both Laura and my dad could benefit from its therapeutic use. And so ends another day --- with longing thoughts of returning hopefully once more to enjoy the warm hot rays on my body as well as experiencing the refreshing coolness of the sea. Maybe next time I will enjoy a hot stone therapy - lying bare backed on the sun baked stones and letting the heat penetrate to the deepest core of my body...

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