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Talk about sleeping .... zzzzzzzzz - lol. I did not get out of bed till almost 2pm (Croatian time)!!!!!! I tossed and turned during the night - a lot I'm guessing since the bed sheets were wrapped tightly around me like a cocoon. There is six hours difference between Montreal and Croatia in case you did not know (Croatia is ahead 6 hrs). I could hear on and off during the morning Irma-Laura and my dad talking and laughing and not even that joviality could jolt me out of bed just yet. I woke refreshed and raring to go - NOT!!!! Refreshed yes but nyet on the raring to go :0)

I quickly prepared myself for what rest of the day was left. I dug out my camera and went around the property taking pictures. I have some memories of this place when I last visited as a preteen but not many. Irma and Laura had over the years modernized the house so it is up to date in modern plumbing and modern conveniences (yay).

Here is the original toilet - all you need is a bucket of water to 'flush' and you are all set ... it is still functional if anyone is willing to carry up the water! As for me - I prefer modernization in this area. Who wants to see a picture of a toilet in a blog ....not many I am guessing, however, it is part of the way things used to be so why not share it --- I have put it in thumbnail version so it won't offend sensibilities.


My father wanted to investigate around and so we made our way slowly around the house and immediate surroundings. It is so lush here - like everywhere so far I have seen.

How about a mulberry bush --- errrr ahem ... excuse me - Mulberry Tree! And boy are they ripe and juicy and leave your hands sticky after handling - it is the only way to go = fresh from the tree as nature intended ... we gorged ourselves. Do you know that this tree is over 100 years old? No? - Now you do! Tony and Lina have a white Mulberry tree on their property - I will pay them a visit soon :-)

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree


Irma went to Labin to do a small shopping and asked if I wanted to go and I declined as I wanted to continue exploring a bit this house where they all were born and is part of my heritage. I want to know - period!

Here is the wall of what used to be the barn. After all it has been over 50 years since it has been used and it has fallen down and has fallen prey to nature.

Barn Wall

Barn Wall

I do have such a distinct memorable memory of both my brother and myself sitting on this ledge that was next to the door of the barn. When the cows came home on their own from the pasture at the end of the day they would pass us and we would pet them --- mostly on their wet velvety noses! Some even licked my brother's knee with their raspy tongues. I only have the memory but cannot recall the structure and as you see, only one wall remains.

Figs anyone? These are just about ready - give it another few days till they are a bit more purple. They are quite soft right now.


How about peaches - they will not be ready for us to enjoy during our time here.


What about this lush Bay leaf bush? Laura made most wonderful ministrone using these leaves - nothing beats fresh!

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

There will be other pictures to show but suffice to say my father and myself enjoyed touring the immediate property. Tomorrow it will be my turn to go into Labin to see about getting internet connection while here and a second phone so that while Irma and I travel around - Laura and my father will also have telecommunications and not be stranded.

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